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MPS-RR 2001-2
January 2001

Discrete approximations to integrals over unparametrized paths


Bergfinnur Durhuus

Thordur Jonsson


We discuss measures on spaces of unparametrized paths related to the Wiener measure. These measures arise naturally in the study of one-dimensional gravity coupled to scalar fields. Two kinds of discrete approximations are defined, the piecewise linear and the hypercubic approximations. The convergence of these approximations in the sense of weak convergence of measures is proven. We describe a family of sets of unparametrized paths that are analogous to cylinder sets of parametrized paths. Integrals over some of these sets are evaluated in terms of Dirichlet propagators in bounded regions.

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This paper has now been published in Journal of Mathematical physics 42, 3769-3788, 2001