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Publications from the Centre in 2003

Most of the publications mentioned below may be down-loaded in various formats (TeX-DVI, Postscript, PDF). All titles can be ordered from maphysto@imf.au.dk.

Research Reports (ISSN 1398-2699 (printed version), ISSN 1398-599X (on-line version))
For fast communication of new results obtained by researchers affiliated to the Centre.
2003-1 (January 2003)
A new direct method for reconstructing isotropic conductivities in the plane by Kim Knudsen.
2003-2 (January 2003)
The Lévy-Ito decomposition of an independently scattered random measure by Jan Pedersen.
2003-3 (January 2003)
Invariant subspaces of the quasinilpotent DT-operator by Ken Dykema, Uffe Haagerup.
2003-4 (January 2003)
On Distributions Associated with the Generalized Lévy's Stochastic Area Formula by Raouf Ghomrasni.
2003-5 (January 2003)
Abelian Conformal Field theories and Determinant Bundles by Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen, Kenji Ueno.
2003-6 (February 2003)
Reconstruction of less regular conductivities in the plane by Kim Knudsen, Alexandru Tamasan.
2003-7 (March 2003)
A Connection between Free and Classical Infinite Divisibility by Ole E. Barndorff-Nielsen, Steen Thorbjørnsen.

Lecture Notes Series
This series contains conference proceedings, lecture notes from summer schools/workshops etc.

Miscellanea (ISSN 1398-5957 (printed version), ISSN 1398-5981 (on-line version))
Various publications (raw course material, mini-proceedings, etc.)

No. 23 (February 2003)
Workshop on Statistical Aspects of Microarray Data by by Jens Ledet Jensen (ed.).

MaPhySto News (ISSN 1398-5965 (printed version), ISSN 1398-5973 (on-line version))
The Centre distributes bi-annually a short news-letter about the Centre and its activities.

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